Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Podcast update 07-27-2005

I had planned on doing a #40 special edition podcast but, is giving me issues right now. Look for a longer episode on saturday...

Rumor Review:
*There was a rumors going around that this was the last year for Alpine and it was going to be knocked down and have a Golf Course built in it's place.

Well, according to this article things are only going to get better next year and the short list of schedualed shows was only a fluke.

Next Five Shows
07.27.05 - Darien, NY
07.30.05 - New York, NY
07.31.05 - New York, NY
08.12.05 - San Francisco, CA
08.13.05 - San Francisco, CA

 Some more great Summer Tour 2005 info can be found here at

 A real time setlist of Darien's concert can be found here at

*You can find the link to the Bookmarkable AAC Feed on the right hand side of the page.

Sorry about the lack of the podcast.


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