Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Episode #006 08-17-2005

Check out Episode #006 for 08-17-2005 here! 6zo6rl.png

Got some great new album art from Chris Petescia (DMBpride) owner of dmbart.com

 Check out Chris' site at dmbart.com

DMB News:
According to Rolling Stone Magazine, Baston to return as Producer as Band prepares to head back to the studio in early 2006. Interesting quote:
"I don't want to go in armed with a bunch of tunes -- I want to go in barefoot and unprepared," says Matthews, adding that Stand Up producer Mark Batson will return. "It's an ongoing relationship," says Matthews. "We like the way he works, and he likes the way we work together, so I don't think it's even a question."

 Check out the rest of the article here at rollingstone.com

*10th Anniversary of Live at Red Rocks was yesterday.

 Check out a review of that concert lhndmb dmbrr.com

Dreamgirl music video is out. I think it's crap, I hate the song even more now.

 Check out the "Dreamgirl" music video here at vh1.com

A review of the 8/13 show:

 Check out lhndmb's review at amidreaming.org

8/16 review:

 Check out Tomacco's reeview at ufck.org

Tour info:
Next Five Shows
08.19.05 - George, WA
08.20.05 - George, WA
08.21.05 - George, WA
08.25.05 - Chula Vista, CA
08.27.05 - Carson, CA

 Some more great Summer Tour 2005 info can be found here at DMBalmanac.com

Rumor Review:

*DMB to reserved Sept 12th & 13th for Red Rocks? (could this be just for the documentary "Return to Red Rocks?) Thanks to Ufck.org

*Dave + Tim Late show on October 30th at Vegoose? Thanks to Ufck.org

*DMB to play a on Halloween at Vegoose? Most likely won't be announced until Oct. 26th according to ufck.org. Hopefully DMB will break out Halloween for that very special show.

* NYE show MSG in NYC. return of the 2 set shows?

 Check out the rest of the story here at ufck.org

*Winter tour to start on November 27th?

 Check out the rest of the story here at ufck.org

Torrent News:

8/12 & 8/13 tapes released

 8The torrent for Mike Vernal's 8/12 source can be found here at dreamingtree.org

 *The torrent for Mike Vernal's 8/13 source can be found here at dreamingtree.org

Site of the week:

 *Check out a great DMB resource here at weeklydavespeak.com

A lot of great resources such as an interview archive, a massive collection of dave ramblings from over the years, a very popular forum, a ton of media (audio clips) and even a shop.

Song of the week will return this saturday.


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