Monday, September 12, 2005


Last night (Red Rocks night 3) Halloween returned after not being played since 12/21/02. Except full details during Tuesday's/Wednesday's recap episode of Red Rocks

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Episode #007 09-08-2005

Check out Episode #007 for 09-08-2005 here! 6zo6rl.png

Sorry for the massive delay, just started college

Great article about Dave from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

 Check it out here at

Thanks to blueflame529 from for the heads-up

If you're using Mac OS X Tiger, there is a DMB setlist widget available to download off of

  Check it out here at

It uses's RSS feed to update the widget

9/7 reviews:

 Check out mustCdmb's review at

Tour info:

Next Five Shows
09.09.05 - Morrison, CO (Red Rocks Night 1)
09.10.05 - Morrison, CO (Red Rocks Night 2)
09.11.05 - Morrison, CO (Red Rocks Night 3)
09.12.05 - Morrison, CO (Red Rocks Night 4)
09.18.05 - Tinley Park, IL

 Some more great Summer Tour 2005 info can be found here at

There will be a Red Rocks Recap episode sometime next week, and I'll hopefully be playing audio reviews.

Song of the week: Everybody Wake Up from 9/3

Rumor Review:
December 16 - PSU show

Torrent News:
9/5 tape released:

 Matt Hiles' tape of the 9/5/ source can be found here at

Site of the week:

  Added to the list of DMB site links. It's a great fan forum for European DMB fans.

Disaster Relief for Hurrican Katrina Victims:
*In the iTunes Music Store, please click on the Disaster Relief Donation button right near the "Student Union" Botton on the store's front page. click here for a direct link to that page

  Please click here for a direct link to the page

Donation amounts are: $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $200

*DMB has schedualed a 4th night for Red Rocks and all of the proceeds will go to disaster relief:


Our thoughts and prayers are with the communities that have been hit by the hurricane. The devastation and human loss is heart breaking. In an effort to raise funds to assist the victims, Dave Matthews Band will be performing a special benefit concert that will take place on Monday, September 12, 2005 at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. All proceeds from the event will be collected by Bama Works Fund and distributed to appropriate relief charities. Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper announced earlier today that the event will include official support from the City of Denver and the promoter, Chuck Morris Presents.

  Please click here for more info

  Click here to join the Warehouse and request tickets and/or donate to the hurricane relief.


Don't care how you help, just please help the victims of this horrible act of nature.