Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A small update

Hey guys,

A new episode/ new website might be coming as soon as I get my hands on iLife '06. There's a built-in Podcast Studio in Garageband.

With iWeb, I can easily create my own website.

Some really cool stuf & I should have it delivered some time this week. Will mess around with it this weekend & then hopefully have a new episode soon & an updated blogsite will be coming soon.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Happy New Year guys

I know it's been awhile. Hope everyone's holiday's were good. There's been some stuff that has prevented me from doing a new episode (Off-season/College finals/ bronchitis/ going to florida for a week) Gonna aim for doing a new episode sometime this week, hopefully tomorrow. Gonna to a belated rap-up of the 2005 Summer & Winter Tours. A look at the various guests that toured with the band, some of the new covers, some of the new songs from Stand Up , some songs that returned and other fun stuff. So, you can expect to hear a new episode some point this week. Gonna polish it up real nice to make up for not doing a new episode in awhile.